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The common thread you’ll find is that we relentlessly pursue coverage for our clients, especially those with high risk medical conditions that are “hard to insure”.

Each of the 9 testimonials below were such extraordinary cases that we not only published the testimonial, but also wrote about the circumstances of the case, so you can read why our client wrote such a wonderful review of Huntley Wealth.

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More Examples of Persistence

I’ve had many cases where I’m so proud of the job we did that I chronicled every detail of the case and published it. Again, the common characteristics you will see are not just expertise, but outright persistency and determination to help our clients:

Case Study 1Case Study 2Case Study 3Case Study 4Case Study 5

Case Study 6 

Testimonial 1: 50 Year Old Male with History of Basal Cell Carcinoma, Anemia, Elevated Cholesterol & Triglycerides

We recently had a 50 year old, male client come to us looking for $1,000,000 of 10 year term life insurance.

After completing our questionnaire, we determined he was in excellent health and quoted him a preferred rate with Ohio National at $109 per month.

We applied to Ohio National because our client had a couple basal cell carcinomas removed from his nose and chest in the past few years, and Ohio National tends to be very good on non cancerous skin carcinomas, as well as atypical moles and the like.  However, Ohio National offered Standard rather than at Preferred, citing:

“The client qualifies for Standard Nonsmoker due to recurrent gastrointestinal bleeding with anemia and lab results completed for this coverage revealing elevated cholesterol and triglycerides and low globulin.  Monthly premium $203.37.  Okay to issue?”

At this point, many agents would recommend the client should take the offer.  After all, standard is a normal offer for someone with an average life expectancy.  There’s no shame is being approved at standard.  However, we went back to the client asking for details about the gastrointestinal bleeding, and given his explanation, we knew we could probably obtain a better offer from another carrier.  At this point, I sent the following trial offer request to my insurance providers:

“I have a male PI, 50 yrs old, non smoker, who was just approved at Standard with Ohio National, but I had quoted him Preferred.  They said he was moved to Standard due to “recurrent gastrointestinal bleeding with anemia and lab results completed for this coverage revealing elevated cholesterol and triglycerides and low globulin”.

However, when questioning the PI, I learned his GI bleeding was a one time event approximately 2 years ago, with no problems since.  It was an internal GI hemorrhoid that was a very serious problem, as it bled a tremendous amount (which of course caused anemia), but it was surgically removed, stitched up, he’s been eating more fiber, and it’s all over with.

A couple years earlier, my PI also had a thrombosed (external) hemorrhoid, like the kind you get from lifting weights, which was lanced off and totally separate and unrelated to his internal hemorrhoid.

Huntley Wealth Life Insurance Testimonials

We also got his labs back, showing a total cholesterol of 257, but decent HDL of 50, which gives us a chol/hdl ratio of 5.1.  His triglycerides were 260.  He also had a low globulin reading of 1.7L.  However, my PI has never been told nor is it in his medical records that he has any type of renal disease, hepatic dysfunction, neoplasms, or hemolytic anemia.

He did have 2 basal cell carcinomas removed within the past couple years, one on his chest and one on his nose, but Ohio National did not mention this as part of their reason for rating him standard.

All other lab levels were within normal ranges, and he sees his doctor regularly.  He needs a 10 yr term for 1 Million dollars.”

As a result, we got back a tentative preferred offer from Genworth, and once we submitted the case, they promptly approved him with the formal preferred offer for $123 per month!  That saved my client $80 per month, or $9,600 over 10 years.  It just goes to show you the power of an independent agent who is willing to fight for the best rate for you.  Since he was so happy about the 2nd offer, I asked him to write a testimonial for the website.  He wrote:

“Even though I had a medical challenge in my medical record from a previous condition and was declined a preferred rate from my first choice of Insurance carrier, Huntley Wealth found another carrier and got me a preferred rate at a minimal difference in overall price. It would have been difficult for me to swim thru the complexities of the process if it were not for my agent and his support staff at Huntley Wealth. I would recommend them, especially if you are north of 50 and need someone to go to bat for you and pursue the best price and policy that fits your needs.  Greg W., San Diego, Ca”

Testimonial 2: Male with History of Mitral Valve Replacement

Recently, one of our client’s wrote us a beautiful testimonial about her and her husband’s experience trying to find life insurance after his mitral valve had been replaced, which I’ll share below.

Dear Chris,
Just a note to thank you for doing what no one else seemed to be able to do and what we had come to believe was impossible. We had thought we had our retirement plans set until Joe developed a heart valve problem that ultimately required surgery. We had term life insurance in place to cover my needs in case he should predecease me. Unfortunately, his term policy reached the end of its level payment period and because of Joe’s valve replacement (which was totally successful, thank goodness!), we were unable to secure a reasonable level rate plan and had to accept extremely accelerating premiums.
We checked with a number of agents who were unable to offer us any reasonable program. Joe even spoke with his cardiologist, whom we thought would probably have had this question posed by other patients, and his only suggestion was to buy a number of smaller policies that might not have the same stringent medical restrictions. When Joe found you (on an internet search), we were immediately amazed at the lengths you went to in order to secure the insurance we needed for peace of mind. We ended up with more life insurance than we’d had previously for only slightly more than we’d been paying, and without the worry of increasing premiums. During this whole process ( and I think anyone will tell you that securing insurance is not a simple thing), you and your assistant, Kim, were incredibly attentive to our questions and steered us through the whole thing.
I really appreciate your “fighting” for us to get the best possible rates when no one else would do that – just basically told us it wasn’t possible or didn’t even call us back.  Aside from now having the insurance we need, we feel that we’ve made a friend.
Thanks again,
Susan G.
Murietta, GA

Testimonial 3: 64 Year Old Male with History of Using Mood Stabilizers

We recently got an approval on a life insurance case we’ve been working on since February 2011.  I’m quite proud of how hard we fought for this client and am certain he would not have coverage today if he had gone to 99% of the agents out there.

Here are the details of the case.  If you’re in a hurry, you can skip down to the bottom to read my client’s testimonial.  My client, whom we’ll call Bob, is a 64 year old male.  Back in February we first applied to Genworth, and expected to get a Preferred offer back.  At the time, our only concerns were his build (6’1, 230 lbs), and his use of a Citalpram, which is a mood stabilizer.

Offered Substandard Rating from Genworth

Genworth came back with a Table 2 offer, which tripled the premiums I had quoted Bob.  The price was astronomical (over $900 per month).  The reason he was approved at substandard ratings was an elevated kidney functions ratio at 1.4 and a1c slightly elevated at 6.2.  The a1c indicated he perhaps has diabetes or is pre-diabetic.  Given all these factors, Genworth could not offer at Preferred, which we originally had hoped for.

Shopping for a Better Rate

One of the nice things about working with Huntley Wealth Insurance is we never, never, never give up.  We work with dozens of companies, and in most cases, we can find one company who will make a better offer in a case like this.  I put the case out to bid for a trial offer (see “trial offer” definition here).

Huntley Wealth Insurance Testimonials

In my trial offer letter, I explained the details of the case, included all pertinent medical findings and argued that Bob’s elevated a1c must be discounted given his normal blood glucose reading of 72. We debated that he had never been diagnosed with diabetes, despite regular checkups with is primary care doctor and annual lab work.

We also explained that his use of Citalpram was used as a mood stabilizer, and that he had never been hospitalized, had any suicide attempts or missed work due to his mental condition.  Last, we pointed out that his build was largely due to muscle, and pulled measurements from his medical exam, and cited his chest was 50″ compared to his waist of 41″.  We hoped a carrier would offer Standard or better.

Persistency and Determination Pay Off!!

I was shocked when Banner Life Insurance, (now Legal & General) offered tentatively at Preferred non tobacco, the same offer we had originally applied for to Genworth!!!

Long story short, Banner stuck to their trial offer and the policy is now in force!  Here’s the client’s testimonial:

I appreciate all the help that Christopher Huntley gave me in getting a life insurance policy. It seemed there were many hurdles but he stuck with me and got me through all of them when others would not. I would recommend him highly to anyone looking for the best insurance available. I feel confident that he will be there for me should I have any questions or encounter any problems.  – Bob P., Sacramento, CA

If you have had difficulty getting approved for life insurance, or have been rated below preferred rates, give us a call.  In Bob’s case, we saved him over $600 per month by finding him this rate through Banner Life.  Give us the chance to help you too.  888-603-2876

Case Study 1: 69 Year Old Male with Stent (Coronary Artery Disease)

On Sept 20, 2011, I got a standard approval from West Coast Life on a 69 year old, male client, whom I began working with in January of 2011.

We work with many impaired risk cases here at Huntley Wealth Insurance, and our average case takes 6 to 8 weeks from start to finish, application to paid and in force.  We’ve had many cases take 3 to 4 months to place, but this one may be a record for us!

Here’s the breakdown about what happened:

My client (we’ll call him Mr. Smith) contacted me in January requesting a quote for someone who had just recently had his right coronary artery stented due to coronary artery disease (CAD).  When I say recently, I mean just 2 weeks prior to connecting with me.

I contacted all my carriers, and while most declined to offer coverage so soon after his surgery, United of Omaha did come back with a tentative standard offer, using their FIT credits program.  We applied with haste.

Upon receiving his medical records the United of Omaha underwriter found that besides the RCA blockage, the cath report showed 70% stenosis of a secondary vessel called the Ostium, so instead of offering Standard, United of Omaha offered Table 2, which increased the premium by 50%.

Next step was to get a letter from “Mr Smith’s” cardiologist, who wrote a glowing review about Mr. Smith, and indicated:

No long term risk for severe cardiac damage because the ostium is a small branch vessel less than 2 mm in diameter, that could not and should not be revascularized.

He wrote that it would not, in his opinion, “have any effect on Mr. Smith’s long term prognosis.”

So we were back to square one.  We sent out trial offers, and got back everything from standard to decline.  At this point, I chose to apply to the top 4 companies who provided the most aggressive tentative offers.  Many agents will not take the time to complete more than one or two applications.  Like it sounds, 4 applications takes 4 times the amount of time to complete.

I won’t lie, it was a real pain processing 4 applications on the same person, but in the end it paid off.  Two of the four wanted to see more follow up cardiac testing and declined to offer.  One has yet to offer.  West Coast Life offered at Standard, using their Secure T 10 Year term product!

I don’t want to toot my own horn too much, but very few agents would go to this sort of trouble for a client.  It’s not because they don’t want to help… it’s because they simply don’t have the time.

If you look at the mega-agencies out there like Select Quote, their agents are trying to get to 50 leads per day and have to make their quota of 5 sales per day.  How are those guys going to be able to dedicate this sort of time to 1 little old client?  Like I said, they can’t and don’t.  This is one of my complaints about Select Quote I wrote about recently.

Persistence.  Determination.  Dedication.  We have an unparalleled commitment to providing affordable life insurance coverage to every one of our clients.  If you have a tough case, let us fight for you.  We won’t give up until you have the best possible price for life insurance!

Case Study 2: 49 Year Old Male with History of Gastric Bypass, Diabetes & Stents for Coronary Artery Disease

I had a very interesting case, where a guy wanted to purchase term life insurance. He had had type II diabetes for years, was on Metformin and a couple insulin shots per day.  Then a few years ago, he had gastric bypass surgery. This resulted in him being “miraculously cured” of diabetes.  While still in the hospital, he was taken off all his diabetes meds.  He then proceeded to lose about 100 lbs over the next two years, which is when he encountered my website, where I state that we specialize in impaired risk cases.

I put his case out for a trial offer (see “trial offer” definition) and West Coast Life came back with the lowest quoted price, which was Standard with 4 Tables.

Here is a copy of the letter I sent out: 

I have a male, Primary insured, 49 years old, that was diagnosed with type II diabetes 9 years ago.  Then in 2006 had a minor heart attack, treated with 2 stents.  He had no symptoms of a heart attack other than trouble breathing, but no pain in his chest.  The only way they knew he had a heart attack was through blood tests.  He was unsure of LVEF but says he has normal cardiac function and exercises regularly and coaches a high school football team.

At his heaviest, he was about 6’0, 288 lbs and taking 2 types of insulin injections to control the diabetes.  Then 2 years ago he had a gastric bypass surgery, which miraculously cured his diabetes, before he even lost any weight.  Literally, while he was still in the hospital, he was taken off all diabetes meds and insulin.  I’m told the bypass surgery eliminates the duodenum completely, allowing the body to process sugar normally again, and literally “curing” the diabetes and eliminating the need for meds.  I’ve also read due to the success at eliminating diabetes, they use this surgery in South America to treat diabetes even on skinny people.  In this case, it was a lucky byproduct of the surgery, since his true desire for the surgery was to lose weight.  Since his surgery, he has lost almost 100 lbs, and is currently weighing 205 lbs.  He says he lost about half the weight in the 1st year after the surgery and half in the second year.

The only medication he takes is an anti-inflammatory for plantar fasciitis.  No family hx of cancer/heart disease, both parents alive in their 70’s in good health.  No drugs, clean driving record, no hazardous hobbies.  He is happily married with children.  He recently applied for Hartford’s mortgage protection life ins. and was declined, due to his history of obesity, diabetes, gastric bypass and CAD.

Well, as it turned out, West Coast Life did not offer Table 4 (Initially); they offered table 8.  The underwriter’s reason for the lower offer was because my client’s blood glucose came back at 201 on the labs, with an a1c of 6.6.  Fair enough.  Our trial offer said the guy didn’t have diabetes and it’s clear that he does, but the story doesn’t end here.  The underwriter said he figured in a couple tables for the diabetes, a couple tables for the CAD history, a couple tables for the combination of CAD and diabetes and a couple tables for the fact that the diabetes was not well controlled.

Huntley Wealth Insurance Testimonials

Maybe a normal agent would not have noticed that something smelled a little fishy with his lab results.  An a1c of 6.6 is pretty good control for a diabetic, so I started wondering about whether or not his labs were “fasting” labs or not.  After all, a blood glucose level of 201 isn’t so bad for a diabetic if they’ve just eaten.  So I dug up his lab slip, and saw that his labs were NOT taken in the morning as is customary.  Then I looked a little further, and found that he had just eaten a half hour before the test.  EXACTLY what I was hoping for!

So I took my newly found evidence back to the underwriter, who admitted he had not noticed that the labs were not fasting labs, and he changed his offer from table 8 to table 5 or E right there on the spot.  I think this is a really great offer since my client claimed he was “miraculously healed” of diabetes.  When I saw his a1c came back at 6.6, I knew that he was still a diabetic, so West Coast Life wouldn’t likely stick to their trial offer of table 4, but I had no idea that they would only dock him 1 table for the diabetes.  Click here for my complete West Coast Life Insurance company review, which covers their history and ratings.

This is just one example of how I fight for every one of my clients for the best rating (best rating = lowest premium) we can get them.  I’m not saying other agents might not have wanted to fight for this client in this situation; most probably they just wouldn’t know what to look for. At Huntley Wealth Insurance, we are experts on diabetes cases and other medical impairments.  If you’ve been rated at standard or lower, tell us about your case.  We may be able to save you a LOT of money!  888-603-2876

Case Study 3: Male & Female with History of Smoking and Melanoma

Visualize a stocky, motorcycle riding, work in my shop all day, gun carrying, manly man and you’ve got a picture of my client who gave me a big bear hug in our last meeting as we closed a life insurance deal we’ve been working on.  That’s the first hug I’ve ever received from a male client.  Why the unexpected embrace?  Well, I don’t mean to toot my own horn, but I simply worked a life insurance miracle with him.  I  helped this man and his family more, I believe, than I’ve ever helped another client.

He and his wife came to me with whole life insurance policies that they were paying over $700 per month in premiums that they could simply no longer afford to pay.  I cut their payment to $330 per month, with better benefits.  They had had these policies for years (over 20).  When they originally purchased the whole life policies, their agent had told them that at some point, their cash value account would accumulate to the point where they could stop paying their premium, and the cost of insurance would be deducted from their cash value, which would sustain the policy.

Well, 20 plus years later, we ran illustrations on their whole life policies, and found out that if they were to stop paying premiums today, their death benefits would begin decreasing immediately in year two.  But we didn’t just find out they couldn’t quit paying premiums. We also found out they couldn’t reduce their premiums without their death benefit being affected.

A special note here is that both husband and wife have had health changes since originally purchasing their policies.  The man is now a smoker, and you should know that life insurance for smokers costs on average double to triple the premium of a non smoker. Unfortunately the wife had a melanoma just a few years ago.

When all was said and done, we made a simple change to the husband’s whole life insurance policy and added some term insurance, giving him better benefits than what he had before and it cost them only $330 per month.  The wife’s deal was better.  I cut her premiums out all together and got her a 120% higher death benefit guaranteed for life, never to make another premium payment.

Do you think I deserved a hug for this?  Would you hug me if I saved you $370 per month and gave you better life insurance benefits?  The way I look at it, I was just doing my job, but I certainly appreciated the act of thanks.

Case Study 4: 64 Year Old Male with Elevated A1c & Kidney Function

Huntley Wealth Testimonials

I recently helped a 65 year old male apply for a 30 year term life insurance policy. When the insurance carrier analyzed his medical records, lab results, and an MIB report, they found a few surprises that my applicant was not aware of.  They still made him an offer of coverage, but the premium dramatically increased from the $3000 per year neighborhood to over $15000 per year.  Many agents would give up on this case at this point, but not me.  I compiled the exact details of why he was offered a lower rating, and put all the details in an email, and mailed it out to over a dozen other insurance companies to get their take on the case.

This is a copy of that letter:

“Trial offer please.

I have a male primary applicant non-smoker, nearest age 65.  We applied with ‘xyz company’ a couple months ago thinking he’d be a preferred risk and they came back at standard table 2.  He applied for coverage with American Family (not known for liberal underwriting) in early 2010 and got Preferred non tobacco. At this point, his agent told him his a1c was slightly elevated and kidney functions were slightly elevated, but because they were so close to normal levels, the underwriters would still give him preferred.  In 2010, the applicant also had a general checkup with his primary which included blood work, and everything looked good.

He is 6’1, 230 but very muscular.  Chest is much bigger than abdomen (50″ chest vs 41 1/2″ abdomen).  He lifts weights frequently.

Then for the ‘xyz life insurance’ test a couple months ago, he again had very slightly elevated kidney functions ratio at 1.4, and a1c very slightly elevated at 6.2, yet his blood glucose came in at 72.  ALL other levels were within normal range.  His EKG also looked good.  He also has a recent visit on his record to a urologist for a check up and has good prostate health.  He sees his doctor every year for blood work and checkups and has never been diagnosed with diabetes, but his dr. has never had him do an a1c.

He takes Simvastatin 20 mg and Tricor 145 mg for his cholesterol, which is under great control.  His chol/hdl ratio is 3.9.

Also take a mood stabilizer Citalpram 20 mg – Well controlled.  No history of hospitalizations, suicide attempts, or lost work.

The premiums at table 2 are astronomical.  We need to get standard or better to have a chance at replacing his current American Family policy.  He needs 300K of 20 or 30 year term.  Thank you.”

The responses I got from my companies was pretty much what I expected, except for one.  All but one came back at a possible “Standard Non-tobacco” rating.  I would say that is very generous.  A standard offer is reserved for people with average life expectancies.  I didn’t expect to see anything better.  But one company, Banner Life Insurance, came back with a quick quote of “Preferred Non Tobacco” provided no diagnosis of diabetes and all creatinine levels similar to 1.4 or better.

At their “preferred” rate, his premium will come back down into the $3000 per year range for 20 years (they don’t offer 30 year term at his age).

It just goes to show you the power of an independent agent who is willing to fight for the best offer for his clients.  Many agents wouldn’t be able to provide a solution in this case because they only work as a captive agent for one company, or they simply are not willing to spend the time and effort it takes to write a well prepared, descriptive case history like I did.

That’s what we do here.  We find the insurance company that best fits your particular situation.  Even though every other company’s underwriters saw my client as a Standard risk, we found one company who was willing to offer a much more aggressive rating for the mere fact that he has not been diagnosed with diabetes.

Case Study 5: 39 Year Old Male Pre-Diabetic

Here I’m going to tell you about how an overweight, pre-diabetic came to me looking for life insurance after being declined by his Auto Club Insurance company, and how I found him affordable life insurance.  My client is a 39 year old male, a police officer in Arkansas, who needs life insurance to cover an SBA Loan.  He needed exactly $287,000 of coverage for the loan at only a 10 year term.

Overweight Man

His health details:  He’s 6’0, 290 lbs, taking one medication for blood pressure, currently well controlled, on Lexapro to help with concentration, no history of depression or anxiety, on two meds for cholesterol, smokes about 10 cigarettes per day, and is pre-diabetic.  The indicators of diabetes were his fasting blood sugar of 105, and an a1c result of 7.0, both of which are high.

First I thought he’d be a good candidate for a simple issue or jet issue term policy, since he hadn’t actually been diagnosed by his doctor of having diabetes.  In fact, I was the first one to ever apply the words “pre-diabetic” to him after seeing his lab results from the Auto Club Insurance.  The reason we couldn’t go simple issue, though, was because all of them ask on their applications if you’ve been declined coverage in the last X amount of years, and he had, so that took him out of the running.

So I shopped his case around for a traditional offer and got a variety of trial offers for him, with a few declines as well.  Most of his offers were at standard tobacco tables 5 through 7, but we ended up applying to West Coast Life who had the most aggressive trial offer at table 4 or D.  We just heard back today that they are sticking to his trial offer of Table D, which means he’ll be paying the exact premium I quoted him.  Needless to say, my client was thrilled to hear the news.

The case above is a good example of why it’s important to use an independent life insurance agent, someone who won’t give up after hearing the word decline.  In this case, I thoroughly questioned my client, achieving an understanding of all his medical issues, so that I could present his case accurately to the underwriters.  Then I sent out my emails and made my calls to more than a dozen insurance companies.  West Coast Life just happened to be the second to last call I made.  I didn’t just stop when I heard the first underwriter tell me they could offer him table 7; I continued to call all my most lenient carriers on build until I found the best rate I could possibly get my client.  Would your agent (or any other) take such good care of you?

Case Study 6: 37 Year Old Male with Bipolar Disorder and Misdiagnosed Crohn’s

Say you were recently diagnosed with bipolar disorder and crohn’s disease.

To top that off, you were also recently declined by Prudential… one of the most lenient companies on the planet when it comes to approving tough cases.

Could your life insurance agent get you an approval?  Would they even try?

When a client came to me recently in this predicament, I began digging for all the details and found out, my client actually had a pretty good story to tell.

Now, THIS is the Type of Bipolar Case we can get approved

The typical call I get from a bipolar client is someone who is on disability and takes multiple medications, but this case was different.  My client’s disorder was completely under control and he was not on disability.

It also turned out his Crohn’s disease had been misdiagnosed.

In the end, we got him approved, but before I tell you what health rating he received, let me first explain how I went appealing his case.

Getting a Tough Case Approved

First, I asked him to fill me in on all the details and circumstances surrounding his bipolar disorder, treatment, etc. I wanted to get a firm grip on his health history before approaching insurance companies.

I then drafted a letter and emailed it to a few dozen underwriters for a quick quote.  Now when I say I wrote a letter, I don’t want to toot my own horn, but I believe 90% of the reason we got an approval was due to the exact way my letter was crafted.

Whenever I send out an email for a quick quote, here’s how I structure it:

  1. First, I provide a detailed summary of my client’s health history and the current status of key medical conditions.
  2. Secondly, I include any pertinent information about travel, occupation, driving history or any other activities that may be deemed as hazardous.
  3. Finally, I finish with the good stuff.  I paint my client in the best light possible.

Here’s the “Request for a Quick Quote” I sent in this case.  It’s a bit long, but is a great example of how hard we work to get our clients approved at the lowest premium available:


Trial offer please.  This one is very interesting.

I have a male PI (*that means proposed insured, my note added), 37 years old, smokes ½ pack cigarettes per day.  6’0, 200 lbs.  Has been taking Lexapro for approx 10 yrs for anxiety/panic attacks.  Well controlled.  With his mother and sister being diagnosed with bipolar disorder, 4 years ago, he made his psychiatrist aware of their diagnosis.  Due to the family hx, and the fact that the PI did display occasional  mood swings, his dr. put him on a mood stabilizer, Lamactil and gave him the diagnosis of bipolar disorder.

However, the PI has never experienced a severe change in mood, has not ever had even 1 manic or hypomanic episode.  He has never been hospitalized, had a suicide attempt or missed a day of work due to BD.  Takes his medication exactly as prescribed and sees his psychiatrist for all regularly scheduled check ups.  Holds a steady job where he is a high income earner (225k+ annually), upper level manager in international logistics.

Very successful professional with B.A. degree.  Note: PI does a lot of public speaking in his job, which is a big reason he takes his anxiety medication.  As far as bipolar disorder goes, this may be the mildest case I’ve ever seen, and remember he was only put on Lamactil because he told his dr. about his mom and BD sister’s diagnosis.

He applied for coverage with Prudential about a year ago.  At the time, there was a possible diagnosis of Crohn’s Disease pending, and he was declined.

Since then, it has been determined through testing this was diagnosed inaccurately and he does not have Crohn’s Disease.  However, his Prudential agent went back to the underwriter on the Pru case, and told my PI that this would not change his offer.  PI is unsure if he was purely denied for the Crohn’s disease or also the bipolar disorder and anxiety medication.  He also applied a few months ago with Protective who came back heavily rating his case.  We’re looking for a preferred tobacco offer, or standard tobacco at the very minimum.

Other pertinent info:

Has a 4 day biz trip to Australia planned in Feb. 2013.  No other plans to travel or reside outside of the U.S.

Resides in Chandler, AZ.

Credits/ Misc:

Clean criminal and driving history. (0 tickets in past 5 yrs)

Exercises regularly.

Happily married with 2 children, 11 and 6 yrs old.

No history of heart disease, cancer or diabetes in his parents or siblings.

No history of drug or alcohol abuse.  Only drinks the occasional alcoholic beverage.  He said maybe 2 or 3 drinks per week.

Needs $1 Million coverage for 10-20 year term, for income replacement to his family.  Thank you.

Details on the Approval

We got back quite a few responses, saying the various companies could consider him between a mild substandard tobacco rating to severely substandard, to a decline.  But Transamerica came back with the surprise of all surprises.

Transamerica said they could consider him at Standard Tobacco!

We were thrilled at this point.   A quick quote is not an official offer, but it’s a good start.  Since I had already told them his life story, there were no surprises waiting for them on the application or in his medical records.

My client was approved at Standard Tobacco, and, wouldn’t you know it, now it’s like we’re best buds.

If you’ve been declined, have had crohn’s disease or bipolar disorder, call me.  No one will treat you with the same level of respect and professionalism as we will. 888-603-2876