Getting the best deal on your car insurance in Las Vegas starts with research. Insurance companies use complex algorithms to generate quotes, so your age, gender, marital status, vehicle, and your driving record can all play a role when searching for the cheapest car insurance in Las Vegas.

Taking the first quote you find without considering other options often means higher premiums each month.

Car insurance rates are subject to negotiation. That means if you walk in the door armed with a list of lower quotes, you might be able to work with the insurance company of your choice and receive a lower rate.

The more you know about rates in your area and the more you shop around, the easier it will be to find cheap car insurance in Las Vegas, so get the tools you need with the information below.

Companies With The Cheapest Car Insurance In Las Vegas

Here are the top 3 providers of cheap car insurance in Las Vegas:

Progressive Car Insurance

progressive auto insurance

Progressive‘s long history of innovation started in 1937 with a drive-in claim office. With the ability to compare auto insurance rates right on their website, Progressive stays ahead of the industry curve.

With discounted rates for low-risk drivers and package deals that include everything from life insurance to cover for your RV, this insurer continues to be one of the largest providers in the country.

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allstate car insurance

Allstate, founded in 1931, brings almost a century of history to each policy offered. Passenger safety is a prime concern, and company executives have been encouraging new safety features since seatbelt legislation made passive restraints standard in all vehicles.


“You’re in good hands,” the Allstate slogan, emphasizes its clear commitment to safety.


metlife auto insurance

A global insurance company that offers everything from dental to disaster coverage, MetLife maintains an A+ rating for financial strength for many of its rated subsidiaries.

This industry-leading company writes policies in more than 50 countries with approximately 100 million customers.

How Much Is Car Insurance in Las Vegas?

The cost of car insurance is on the rise nationwide, and Nevada is no exception. The Consumer Price Index lists an average increase of 11.82 percent nationwide, but the silver state is below the national average, with increments averaging at only 7.11 percent.

However, even with slower price hikes, car insurance in Nevada is a bit more expensive than in other states, and this is particularly true in Las Vegas, according to a report published by the National Association of Insurance Commissioners.

Average Cost of Car Insurance in Nevada$1,103.05
Average Cost of Car Insurance in Arizona$972.85
Average Cost of Car Insurance in California$986.75
Average Cost of Car Insurance in Oregon$904.83
Countrywide Average Cost of Car Insurance$1,009.38

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Insurance in Las Vegas is among the most expensive in the state, due to factors like population density, crime rates, traffic conditions, and disposable income.

Population Density in Las Vegas

The more people that live in an area, the greater the chances for potential accidents.

More drivers and vehicles on the road increase your risks, so to compensate, insurance companies adjust their rates upwards. While population density is not directly related to your premiums, more populated areas tend to have higher insurance rates.

In Las Vegas, the population density is 4,376 people per square mile, making it the second most densely populated area in Nevada, just behind North Las Vegas.

Vehicle Theft Rates in Las Vegas

On average, the United States reports 765,484 vehicle thefts per year. If you live in an area where cars are frequently stolen, insurance companies will often charge you more for coverage.

This means that premiums in Las Vegas can be higher than other places in Nevada, since of the 13,180 total number of vehicle thefts reported, 8,855 happened in the city.

The type of car you drive can also affect insurance rates since some car brands are more likely to be stolen than others. The 2016 Hot Wheels report identified the 1997 Honda Accord and 1998 Honda Civic as the most likely targets for car theft in Las Vegas.

Traffic Conditions in Las Vegas

Insurance companies also adjust rates depending on an area’s traffic density and accident rates. For Nevada, travel distance per vehicle averages at 11,667 miles annually, which is a bit lower than the national average of 12,010.

Also, if you live in a ZIP code that has frequent fatal accidents, there’s a lower chance that you’ll get cheaper car insurance since more fatal accidents lead to higher premiums. Other factors can also affect traffic conditions in a city.

For example, while DUI-related deaths dropped a sharp 45 percent statewide, Clark County, Las Vegas’s home, only showed a 33 percent drop.

Disposable Income Levels in Las Vegas

The average salary doesn’t directly affect insurance rates, but disposable income does since it often leads to more luxurious cars on the road and asset values that exceed legal minimums.

To offset that added risk, insurance companies usually increase premiums on areas with high disposable income. In Nevada, residents report an average disposable income of $36,477, which is well below the national average of $40,859.

However, the city is known for high-rolling visitors that may increase the presence of high-end cars on the city streets.

What Is Mandatory For Car Insurance In Las Vegas?

las vegas car insurance

Nevada law requires that every motor vehicle operator have insurance coverage.

The goal of mandatory insurance is to guarantee that anyone injured, or any property damaged during an accident is paid for promptly. The insurance pays for the damage up to the policy limit, and since accidents always happen, there’s a minimum coverage required by law.

Some businesses with a fleet of cars qualify as self-insurers, but most individuals will need to shop for an individual policy.

When shopping for the cheapest car insurance in Las Vegas, remember that all companies must offer:

  • $25,000 maximum bodily injury claim per person
  • $50,000 maximum bodily injury claim per accident
  • $20,000 maximum property damage claim

Failure to obtain and maintain insurance for any registered vehicle can end in stiff fines and suspended registration. Continued infractions can even result in a suspended license.

Tiered fines for insurance lapses vary based on the length of the lapse and on the number of times it happens. For example, a first offense that involves a very short lapse of fewer than 30 days carries a penalty of $251.

For the third offense within five years, fines and fees total $1,751, and penalties include a minimum 30-day suspension on your license.

How To Reduce The Cost Of Your Car Insurance In Las Vegas

While no insurance policy is free, these strategies help you get the lowest possible rate.

  • Ask About Discounts: If you have an accident-free record or only drive your car for a few thousand miles each year, you might qualify for reduced premiums.
  • Discuss Package Options: Insurance companies that also offer homeowners insurance, life insurance, or boat insurance may offer a bundle discount if you bring all your policies under the same company.
  • Consider Your Coverage Options: A low deductible means higher premiums. Choosing a high-deductible plan may help you significantly lower your monthly costs. An older car or a vehicle without loan financing might be eligible for liability-only coverage. Ditch the comprehensive and collision options to lower your rate.
  • Drive Safely: Consider taking a defensive driving class to qualify for even more price reductions. A clean driving record and good credit can both lead to a lower risk profile.
  • Keep Insurance Costs In Mind When Buying A Car: The newer and more expensive the vehicle is to replace, the more expensive it is to insure. An older model, or a car that isn’t on the Hot Wheels list for most stolen vehicles, can dramatically reduce the premiums you pay.

Some other factors that might qualify you for a discount include where you live, your average annual mileage, where and how you park your car and installed vehicle safety features. While moving to get a lower rate on your car insurance is an unlikely option, choosing to garage your car might be.

Covered and protected parking spaces help mitigate theft risks and may help you negotiate a lower rate. Low mileage means you don’t spend a lot of time on the roads, which also puts you in line to receive a discount. Discuss all of these options with your agent to get as many discounts as possible.

What Could Increase The Cost Of Your Car Insurance In Las Vegas

Driving safely, maintaining good credit, buying a highly rated and safe vehicle, and living in the right area can all help lower premiums rates, while other factors beyond your immediate control can drive prices up.

For example, age, marital status, how long you’ve been a licensed driver, and education levels are all part of the algorithm used to provide a quote.

  • Impact Of Age: Older drivers tend to make fewer mistakes due to more experience handling unusual driving conditions. If you’re younger or new to car ownership, expect to pay more for your insurance.
  • The Gender Gap: Male drivers, particularly younger male drivers, are more likely to be in an accident, according to statistics compiled over decades. That means young men pay a premium for car insurance and may have trouble finding the cheapest car insurance in Las Vegas.
  • The Car You Drive: Commonly stolen vehicles or those that need specialty parts cost more to insure. If the average cost of an accident in your vehicle is higher than the norm, expect your insurance premium to reflect that.
  • Level of Coverage: Car insurance companies offer different coverage levels that include everything from roadside assistance to car rental services.

Shopping For Car Insurance in Las Vegas

To find the lowest price on auto insurance, be sure to get quotes from different providers.

Since not every policy is the same, making direct comparisons can be challenging, but to ease the process, you should make a list of coverage and service you need.

You should also check out customer reviews and ratings online to see how companies fare with services and customer satisfaction.

Some small insurance companies might offer great rates, but they may also be less financially stable or less available when processing claims.

Finding the cheapest car insurance in Las Vegas doesn’t always mean signing up for the lowest premium, so remember to compare these prices with coverage level in mind.