portrait cute dachshund dog, black and tan, wearing western Cowboy hat and jeans costume in TexasFor many families, pets are a source of unconditional love and friendship.

When a pet is injured or ill, we want to give them the best possible medical care, but unfortunately, with the rising costs of veterinary care in the United States, that’s not always feasible.

The good news is that pet health insurance can help. Most people may ask, “Is pet insurance worth it?” Just like any other insurance coverage like health insurance or home insurance, pet health insurance can help offset the costs of unexpected events.

The best pet insurance for your Texas pet can provide families access to professional care at affordable rates.

We will break down how pet insurance works and help you find the best pet insurance quote for both your budget and beloved animal.

The list that follows is based on our evaluation of more than 30 pet insurance providers.

Pet Insurance in Texas

Here are the best providers of pet insurance in Texas:

Embrace Pet Insurance

Thanks to its incredibly low rates and its comprehensive coverage, Embrace offers some of the best pet insurance in Texas. Know for their full coverage dog insurance plans, Embrace is a major contender in the pet insurance arena.

The company’s plans are available to cats and dogs aged eight weeks to 14 years and include vet care coverage for a competitive list of conditions and treatments like:

  • chronic conditions
  • congenital conditions such as hip dysplasia
  • hereditary conditions
  • cancer treatment
  • checkups
  • prescription medications
  • diagnostic testing like x-rays and blood work
  • Alternative therapies
  • hospitalizations in an animal hospital
  • behavioral therapy if your fur baby is struggling with behavioral issues

Embrace is one of the few insurance providers to offer direct billing.

Customers who are unable to have their vet bill the company still find that claims are simple and payouts are within two weeks.

Embrace is Better Business Bureau (BBB)-accredited and has an A+ rating, with 20 closed complaints on file within the last 12 months.

Monthly Costs Starts at $13.04 for dogs and $8.98 for cats
Coverage Ranges from 65 to 90 percent after deductible, depending on the plan
Payout Limits Coverage caps range between $500 and $15,000 annually, depending on the plan
Deductible Ranges from $100 to $1,000 annually, depending on the plan

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ASPCA Pet Insurance

ASPCA pet insurance offers competitive rates that can be easily calculated using the website’s online quote calculator.

Plans are inclusive and cover a broad range of conditions and treatments, and they’re available to dogs and cats aged eight weeks and older.

Some of the items covered by ASPCA Pet Insurance are the following:

  • Hereditary Conditions
  • Behavioral Issues
  • Illnesses
  • Accidents
  • Dental Diseases

Claims can be submitted online or by using the company’s mobile app, and are paid out within 30 days of submission.

ASPCA pet insurance is administered by Crum & Forster, which is BBB accredited with an A+ rating and boasts a minimal amount of closed complaints (just four in the last 12 months).

Monthly Costs A mixed breed dog or pure-bred cat can get coverage for as low as $23.39.
Coverage 70, 80, or 90 percent, depending on the plan
Payout Limits Ranges from $5,000 to unlimited, depending on the plan
Deductible $100, $250, or $500, depending on the plan

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Pets Best Pet Insurance

Pets Best has competitive rates and plans that are fully customizable.

Customers can choose the right coverage for their pet while also selecting a deductible, reimbursement rate, and coverage cap that suits their budgetary needs.

Any additional pet on the policy also gets a 5 percent discount, which makes Pets Best an ideal choice for families with more than one pet. They cover:

  • Accidents
  • Illnesses
  • Cancer
  • Hereditary and Congenital Conditions
  • Emergency Care
  • Prescription Drugs
  • Chronic Conditions
  • Older Pets
  • Diagnostics
  • Behavioral Issues
  • Dental Care
  • Euthanasia
  • Coverage while traveling
  • Prosthetic devices and wheelchairs

Claims can be submitted in several ways and are paid out within two weeks. Pets Best is BBB-accredited, with an A+ rating.

With the information in the article above, you should have the information you need to begin your search for the best pet insurance in Texas.

Use this information to determine what you need in a pet insurance plan and to find a rate that’s fair.

Monthly Costs Starts at $30.06 for dogs and $16.52 for cats
Coverage Ranges from 70 to 90 percent, depending on the plan
Payout Limits $5,000 annually or unlimited depending on the plan
Deductible Ranges from $50 to $1,000, depending on the plan

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USAA Pet Insurance

USAA offers discounted pet insurance plans for active members of the military and current USAA members.

Its pet insurance plans are comprehensive and include coverage for a long list of treatments and conditions. Some of those are:

  • Cancer
  • Chronic conditions
  • Congenital conditions
  • Diagnostic care
  • Emergency Room
  • Hospitalization
  • Surgery
  • Alternative Therapy
  • Behavioral Issues
  • ​Prescription Drugs

Customers can choose to add supplemental wellness coverage to their policy as well.

Rates are highly competitive, and since Embrace administers USAA, direct billing is often available.

Both USAA and Embrace are BBB accredited and have A+ ratings.

Monthly Costs Starts at $13.04 for dogs and $8.98 for cats
Coverage 65 to 90 percent, depending on the plan
Payout Limits $15,000 annually
Deductible $100 to $1000 annually, depending on the plan

Healthy Paws Pet Insurance

Healthy Paws offers only one plan for pet owners, but with customizable reimbursement rates and deductibles, customers can create a policy that meets their budgetary needs. They are a mission-driven organization that helps homeless pets get the kind of medical care that they need.

Prices are competitive, and coverage is vast with the Healthy Paws plan. They cover a variety of health problems and are known for covering chronic conditions and the following:

  • Cancer
  • Accidents
  • Illnesses
  • Surgery
  • Diagnostic Care
  • Hospitalization
  • Prescription Meds
  • Alternative Care
  • Chronic conditions
  • Hereditary conditions
  • Specialty Care
  • Emergency Care

It’s available to cats and dogs aged eight weeks to 14 years.

Claims can be submitted in a variety of ways, including online, and are generally paid out within two weeks.

Healthy Paws is BBB accredited and has an A+ rating.

Monthly Costs Starts at $32.83 for dogs and $17.19 for cats
Coverage 70 to 90 percent reimbursement after deductible, depending on the plan
Payout Limits Unlimited
Deductible Ranges from $100 to $500 annually, depending on the plan

Shopping For Pet Insurance in Texas

With pet insurance, pet parents can have the peace of mind that comes from knowing their beloved pet will be provided for when they need it most.

It’s important to conduct your due diligence and compare insurance companies when choosing a pet insurance policy, or indeed any other insurance in Texas. For example, not all pet insurance companies cover exotic pets, only a select few, like Nationwide, will cover them.

Pet insurance plans come with a wide range of rates and varying coverage inclusions and exclusions, so it’s vital to make sure that the plan you choose suits not only your pet’s needs but your budget as well.

Pet insurance rates are based on many factors, including your pet’s age, breed, and health condition, as well as the average cost of care in your state, and even your city.

According to PetPlan, Texan pet owners pay approximately $1250 annually in pet care costs, right about average with the rest of the states.

Whether you live in Dallas or El Paso, we’ve analyzed the costs, coverage, waiting periods, annual deductible, and customer satisfaction level of each pet insurance company to provide you with this list of the five providers offering the best pet insurance in Texas.

As a general disclaimer, no pet insurance covers pre-existing conditions, but various insurance groups will offer your choice of preventive care, routine care, just emergency care to name a few. Be sure to read the fine print of the policy to make sure you get as much of your veterinary bills covered as possible.

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