IMG Global, an industry leader in travel insurance, provides Patriot travel medical policies.

As the plan administrator, IMG brings nearly three decades of experience to each plan and offers a range of options with a focus on travel medical coverage.

Patriot travel insurance does include some comprehensive coverage options, but most policies are specific to health plans.

Patriot Travel Insurance is Good For Expats Living Abroad

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Patriot is a solid option for expats living abroad, business travelers who may be away for several months, or students completing a semester abroad.

This insurance covers both inpatient and outpatient visits at an extensive network of providers.

Whether you break a bone or come down with an illness that needs a doctor’s care, there’s a plan that offers coverage with very little in the way of out-of-pocket expenses.

You can choose your coverage limits and how much you’ll pay as a deductible, all so that you can get a policy that meets both your budget and health needs.

Just remember that Patriot travel medical insurance is not a replacement for health insurance and some things might be excluded from the policy.

If you plan to travel abroad for an extended period, you may want to schedule home visits for more routine care.

Patriot travel insurance is there to provide emergency coverage, not routine follow-ups and annual check-ups.

Coverage OptionsCostsCustomer Reviews & ReputationCustomer Service BenefitsFinancial Strength
Patriot travel insurance offers monthly plans that can be extended for up to two years.Patriot offers medical coverage with limits ranging from $50,000 up to $2,000,000, so travelers can buy the level of coverage required for their general health needs.IMG, the plan administrator has received a rating of A+ from the Better Business Bureau.When customers need emergency medical care, the 24/7 hotline ensures easy access to a list of local providers.The underwriter, Sirius International, has received a score of A with A.M. Best and A- with Standard & Poor's.
Dependent children pay less for medical coverage when traveling with an adult.The age of a traveler is the most critical factor when determining the cost. Most plans are only available in whole-month increments.Trustpilot gave the plan administrator a rating of 6.1 out of 10.MyIMG, the digital portal for this administrator, offers on-the-go account management to start claims or find a provider.Solid financial ratings indicate this company can pay for any claims.

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Patriot Travel Insurance Coverage & Plans

When traveling out of the country, one of the most significant unexpected expenses you can face is a medical emergency.

Even something as simple as motion sickness may be expensive to treat when your regular health insurance doesn’t cover the cost of a prescription.

With Patriot travel medical insurance, you can enjoy major medical coverage around the globe.

These policies are designed for both short- and long-term travelers, and are ideal for:

  • Vacationers
  • Students
  • Workers abroad

Whether you plan to be in a foreign country for a month or over a year, Patriot travel insurance is there to offer access to primary and comprehensive medical care for injuries or illnesses such as common travel parasites. Expanded care options even include riders for emergency evacuations, accidental death and dismemberment, or extreme sports.

Be aware that Patriot’s plans do not provide any trip cancellation or trip interruption reimbursement and are meant specifically for medical expenses.

Travel Medical Insurance

When traveling outside of your home country, unexpected medical expenses can leave you holding a massive bill. Simple injuries like a sprained ankle are generally easy to treat while at home, but can be costly while abroad.

The Patriot travel medical insurance plan helps offset these expenses. If you need to visit a doctor, come down with an illness, or experience a flare-up from a covered pre-existing condition, you may not be able to wait until you get home before seeking medical treatment. This is particularly true if you’re traveling for an extended period.

If you’re out of the country on a work visa or enrolled in a school for several years, you’ll need medical insurance that travels with you. That’s precisely what Patriot medical insurance offers.

In addition to standard coverage for doctor’s visits and hospital stays, you can also add coverage for extreme sports or travel coverage for a chaperone. It’s essential for minors to have an adult traveler along, so including a rider to cover transport for a new chaperone in the event of an emergency might be a good idea.

GoTravel Insurance

When buying Patriot travel insurance, the level of coverage is one of the most direct cost indicators. Greater amounts of coverage automatically make your policy more expensive, which is why this company offers the GoTravel insurance option.

This plan includes all major medical expenses but doesn’t provide any general travel coverage.

If you lose your luggage or need to cancel your trip, there’s no reimbursement. By excluding evacuation coverage, this policy can offer extensive insurance at a reduced cost.

For those traveling for up to two years, this might be a solid choice. Each plan can be extended for up to 24 months before requiring reissue. That makes it ideal for business travelers who spend several months at a location abroad.

For those traveling in dangerous areas, enhanced accidental death and dismemberment coverage is available at up to $400,000. To add this coverage, you must be the primary person insured on the policy and purchase coverage for at least three months.

All expanded AD&D premiums are billed in whole month increments, so there are no discounts for partial-month coverage.

Group Travel Medical Insurance

If you’re planning a trip for several people, the Patriot group travel medical insurance might be a good choice. It includes all the coverage types you get with the basic travel medical insurance policy, but with a few limits lowered to offer group coverage.

For example, while you can purchase the same maximum limits on medical coverage, non-medical emergency evacuation tops out at $10,000 and specifies political evacuations as a reason.

For emergency evacuations, the coverage limit is $500,000, which is half of what is available through an individual policy. In exchange for these lower limits, group plans help cut the costs of a policy.

A group plan also allows you to add the Patriot T.R.I.P. Lite plan, for more comprehensive coverage.

This plan includes cancellation and interruption coverage, along with missed flights or baggage delays, turning your travel medical insurance into a one-stop shop for most travel-related emergency expenses.

If you enjoy extreme sports, you can even add the adventure sports rider to cover fun activities like bungee jumping or abseiling.

With this added coverage, an accident that happens during your experience has the same coverage as any other incident during your vacation.

Coverage Travel Medical InsuranceGoTravel InsuranceGroup Travel Medical Insurance
Trip Cancellation $25,000
Cancel for Any Reason
Trip Interruption $5,000 $5,000 100 percent
Interrupt for Any Reason
Accident and Sickness Medical Expenses$50,000 – $2,000,000$50,000 – $2,000,000$50,000 – $2,000,000
Emergency Evacuation, Medically Necessary Repatriation, and Repatriation of Remains$1,000,000 $500,000
Non-Medical Emergency Evacuation$25,000Return Transportation$10,000 for political evacuation
Accidental Death and Dismemberment (AD&D)$25,000$25,000$25,000
Air Flight Only AD&D$50,000$50,000$50,000
Baggage and Personal Effects$250$250
Baggage Delay$100
Change Fee Coverage
Travel Delay$500
Missed Connection$500
Itinerary Change
Reimbursement of Miles or Rewards Points
Rental Car Damage

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Patriot Travel Insurance Costs

Typical travel insurance can be budgeted for anywhere between 4 and 8 percent of the total travel costs, but Patriot travel medical insurance is a little different.

Since this plan is designed to replace your standard health insurance while abroad, the prices tend to be higher, particularly when you select a low deductible and high coverage limit.

While travel insurance may be more or less expensive based on where you’re headed, these plans only consider your age when providing a quote. Every plan offers transparent pricing based on age.

For example, a 25-year-old buying a GoTravel plan with a $250 deductible and $50,000 coverage limit can expect to pay $29 per month. The same policy for someone at 64 years old costs $100 per month.

Surprisingly, while the standard Travel Medical Insurance plan is slightly more comprehensive, it’s also somewhat less expensive since it’s only available in whole-month increments.

With GoTravel, you can select 10-day coverage if you plan a shorter trip. Select the coverage limits and deductible level that makes the most sense for your travel plans. Every plan comes with at least four limit options and multiple deductibles.

Patriot Travel Insurance Customer Reviews & Reputation

Before selecting any insurance, it’s important to know how the service stacks up when you need to make a claim. Patriot, an IMG brand, ranks well on the Better Business Bureau with an A+ rating for the parent company.

With only 15 customer complaints, the company is well below the industry average, particularly for such a large insurer. On Trustpilot, the plan administrator, IMG, maintains a 6.1 score out of 10.

Since Patriot travel medical insurance reviews and complaints generally deal with claim denials and delays, be very careful to look at all plan documents and follow up quickly to ensure your claim is handled with dispatch.

While the company advertises a 30-day process, many user reviews report 90 days or more before a claim is processed.

Pre-existing conditions may be covered in certain circumstances, but may also fall under the heading of an exclusion. When possible, obtain pre-certification for all services to avoid delays and reduced reimbursements.

Patriot Travel Insurance Customer Assistance Services

Patriot travel medical insurance focuses on one specific part of travel—your health. Within that sphere, the company offers a wide variety of services ranging from in-patient hospital stays to home health services.

When traveling outside of the United States and Canada, you don’t even need co-insurance.

MyIMG, the digital portal for account management, lets you log in and get help with your medical coverage 24/7. If you need to find a provider or locate an in-network hospital, all of the information is conveniently available through a computer or mobile device.

Networks include both health and dental service providers, so you can handle any issue that may crop up while traveling.

The worldwide emergency assistance hotline is available at any time, so you can call in and receive help finding a provider when you get injured or become ill, not the next morning or after a wait for a weekday.

Patriot Financial Stability

Patriot, an IMG brand, is underwritten by Sirius International Insurance Corporation. Knowing the underwriter allows you to take a look at an insurance company’s overall financial strength.

Strong and stable companies are better able to process and pay claims as they occur. Conversely, companies with limited financial backing may struggle to meet commitments when several claims hit at the same time.

That’s why it’s essential to find highly rated companies with enough resources to meet claim limits.

Sirius International maintains an A rating by A.M. Best and an A- with Standard & Poor’s, showing that this company is in a good financial position to service any claims.

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