Ripcord Rescue Travel Insurance is a prominent provider of emergency medical rescue and evacuation travel insurance and comprehensive trip insurance.

Founded in 2011, the company has its headquarters in San Mateo, California. Ripcord Rescue Travel Insurance offers individuals and families a variety of coverage levels and options from its standard medical rescue and evacuation plan to medical expenses and trip cancellation plans, all designed with the adventure traveler in mind, a specific market for which travel insurance can be somewhat difficult to find.

Why Choose Ripcord Rescue Travel Insurance?

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What makes Ripcord Rescue Travel Insurance uniquely able to offer this type of coverage is its partnership with Redpoint Resolutions, a medical and travel security risk company, to offer a one-stop source for rescue and evacuation services as well as medical expenses and comprehensive travel insurance.

Owned and operated by physicians and special operations veterans, Redpoint Resolutions covers millions of people around the world and has evacuated clients from all seven continents.

Medical and security rescue and evacuation policies are available to anyone, regardless of residency, while medical expenses coverage and comprehensive trip insurance policies are open to U.S. residents only.

Guaranteed by State National Insurance Company, Ripcord Rescue Travel Insurance’s financial footing is sound, as State National Insurance Company rates an A with A. M. Best.

This Ripcord Rescue Travel Insurance travel insurance review also highlights the company’s coverage options, services, and reputation.

Coverage OptionsCostsCustomer Reviews & ReputationCustomer Service BenefitsFinancial Strength
Ripcord Rescue Travel Insurance offers an annual membership for rescue and evacuation services for frequent travelers.Ripcord offers several plans to meet travel needs for individuals and families.Ripcord has had favorable reviews across several media outlets.Ripcord offers 24/7 customer service access and travel assistance, as well as access to an online global intelligence map.The underwriter, State National Insurance Company, has received a score of A (excellent) with A.M. Best.
Ripcord specializes in hard to find insurance for adventure travel.The length of the trip and the type of coverage selected are among the factors used in determining costs.No complaints have been filed against the company with the Better Business Bureau.First-line call takers and case managers are paramedics, nurses, and military veterans.The high financial rating of the underwriter ensures this company can pay out claims.

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Ripcord Rescue Travel Insurance Coverage & Plans

Geared toward adventure, international, and remote travelers, Ripcord Rescue Travel Insurance combines evacuation and rescue services with comprehensive trip insurance.

It offers a variety of coverage options, ranging from medical rescue- and evacuation-only, to security and medical rescue and evacuation along with medical coverage and comprehensive travel.

Ripcord offers annual plans for its rescue and evacuation services, for frequent travelers. Medical expenses coverage and comprehensive travel insurance are available on a per-trip basis.

With per-trip coverage, trips exceeding 30 days require the purchase of travel insurance in addition to the rescue and evacuation coverage.

Coverage Options

    • Comprehensive
    • Trip Cancellation/Interruption
    • Cancel for Any Reason
    • Medical Expenses
    • Medical Rescue and Security Evacuation
    • Accidental Death and Dismemberment
    • Baggage Delay/Loss Including Sports Equipment
  • Individual and Family
  • Pre-existing Medical Condition Coverage with Limitations

Medical Evacuation & Rescue

Ripcord’s minimum coverage package is the Medical Evacuation and Rescue Only and can be purchased as an annual membership or on a per-trip basis. The plan pays up to $750,000 for medical transportation and rescue services from the point of injury or illness to the hospital of the traveler’s choice.

Travelers are not required to get to the nearest local hospital for evacuation. While this coverage includes remote destinations with no altitude limits, travelers can also access these services when injured or ill nearer by, if their location is more than 100 miles from home.

This plan also includes coverage for an organized search if the insured becomes disoriented, lost, or reported missing during a recreational activity. Around-the-clock travel assistance is also provided at this level.

The annual coverage option, or membership, is ideal for the frequent traveler. Price for a yearly membership varies on the maximum number of days traveled per trip, with no limit for the trip length.

However, coverage may be limited to no more than two transports for a single insured traveler in 12 months.

A family member can accompany the injured/ill traveler if it’s practical and space permits.

Individual or family coverage is available. Family membership includes the member, the member’s spouse or domestic partner, and up to four of their unmarried, dependent children under age 19 as a full-time student in an accredited school or under age 24 if at college.

Medical Evacuation & Rescue + Medical Expense Coverage

This level of coverage combines Ripcord’s basic medical evacuation and rescue services with up to $100,000 of medical expenses. It also includes coverage for lost or stolen baggage, sports equipment, and personal effects; emergency dental; trip delay; accidental death and dismemberment; and 24/7 travel assistance services.

Medical Rescue & Security Evacuation + Comprehensive Travel Coverage

Medical Rescue & Security Evacuation with added comprehensive travel coverage is Ripcord’s top-of-the-line policy option. This combination includes not only evacuation from a remote location in the event of a medical emergency or illness, but also in the event of a security situation such as a natural disaster, terrorism, or political unrest.

Also included is coverage for involuntary detention, such as abduction by violence or threat of violence, of the traveler by a group demanding payment in exchange for release. This makes this policy uniquely useful for consumers who might continually travel to dangerous places, such as some news correspondents or NGO workers.

The additional comprehensive travel coverage insures against trip cancellations and delay, and travelers can opt for CFAR protection, which covers up to 75 percent of the trip’s cost.

Covered ExcusesMedical Evacuation & Rescue OnlyMedical Evacuation & Rescue + Medical Expense CoverageMedical Rescue & Security Evacuation + Comprehensive Travel
Tour Operator Cancellation
Injury/Illness/Death of Traveleryes
Injury/Illness/Death of Non-traveling Family Memberyes
Injury/Illness/Death of Business Partneryes
Injury/Illness/Death of Hostyes
Injury/Illness/Death of Host’s Family or Friends
Natural Disaster at Destinationyes
Tour Operator/Airline/Cruise Line Ceases Operationyes
Terrorism/Evacuation at Destinationyes
Home or Business Damagedyes
Jury Duty/Court Appearanceyes
Military Deploymentyes
Work Relatedyes
Victim of Crime Prior to Tripyes
Car Accident Prior to Tripyes
Theft of Passport Prior to Tripyes
School Related
CFAR Coverage (Cancel for any reason)Yes (optional)

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Medical rescue and evacuation service plans include coverage for some pre-existing conditions if these have been treated with prescription drugs or medications for 90 days without a change in prescription. Some exclusions to the comprehensive travel insurance policy include pregnancy when the traveler is beyond her second trimester, or if transport would endanger the life of the child.

Extreme activities such as skydiving, bungee cord jumping, parachuting, and spelunking, or in bodily contact sports are also excluded. These are not, however, exclusions to the rescue and evacuation services. It’s important to review your policy for specific exclusions before purchasing.

Ripcord Rescue Travel Insurance Costs

CoverageMedical Evacuation & Rescue OnlyMedical Evacuation & Rescue + Medical Expense CoverageMedical Rescue & Security Evacuation + Comprehensive Travel
Trip CancellationUp to 100 percent of trip cost
Cancel for Any ReasonUp to 75 percent of the trip cost– optional for an additional cost
Trip InterruptionUp to of the trip cost limit
When trip cost is $0, $1,000 return air only
Interrupt for Any Reason
Accident and Sickness Medical Expenses$100,000
Emergency dental $750
Emergency dental $750
Emergency Evacuation, Medically Necessary Repatriation, and Repatriation of RemainsUp to $750,000
Up to $15,000 for mortal remains transportation
Up to $750,000
Up to $15,000 for mortal remains transportation
Up to $750,000
Up to $15,000 for mortal remains transportation
Non-Medical Emergency EvacuationUp to $125,000
Accidental Death and Dismemberment (AD&D)Up to $25,000Up to $25,000
Common Carrier AD&D (flight and cruise)$100,000$100,000
Baggage and Personal Effects$2,500 with $0 deductible
$300 per item
$1,000 described valuables
$2,500 with $0 deductible
$300 per item
$1,000 described valuables
Baggage DelayMinimum 12-hour delay $600
Change Fee Coverageyes
Travel DelayMinimum 3-hour delay $200 per day, maximum of $1,000Minimum 3-hour delay $200 per day, maximum of $1,000
Missed Connection$1,000
Itinerary Change$250$250
Reimbursement of Miles or Rewards PointsFees incurred for re-depositing awards into insured’s account

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Ripcord Rescue Travel Insurance offers a variety of coverage options and combinations. Prices vary based on trip length, the traveler’s age, and the trip’s cost. Annual membership plans that cover basic medical rescue and evacuation start at $325. Family memberships begin at $575. The yearly membership plans do not include medical expenses coverage or trip insurance.

Trip insurance usually costs 4-8 percent of the nonrefundable trip costs, according to the U.S. Travel Insurance Association. Therefore, you can generally expect to pay $400 to $800 to cover a $10,000 trip.

Nonrefundable trip costs contribute significantly to the price of travel insurance. This is the amount the insurance provider agrees to reimburse you in the event of a claim. The greater your documented expenses, the higher your potential claims. Thus, you can expect a higher premium.

Age is also a factor in determining costs. Older travelers can expect to pay more because of an increased likelihood to make a medical claim, especially in the case Ripcord’s niche of adventure market insurance policies. Insurers also take into consideration the length of your trip. Experiencing illness, injury or travel disruptions is likelier the longer you’re away.

Ripcord Rescue Travel Insurance has an online calculator that can help you determine costs and give you a personalized quote, based on your specifics. The company has a 10-day free look policy that allows you to cancel the policy with written notice within ten days from the policy’s effective date as long as no claims have been made.

Clients also have access to regional maps containing timely information on health, safety, crime, terrorism, and economic and political conditions.

Ripcord Rescue Travel Insurance Customer Reviews & Reputation

Neither Ripcord Rescue Travel Insurance nor its partner, Redpoint Resolutions, have ratings with the Better Business Bureau or Trustpilot, but no complaints have been filed against them.

Both companies have favorable media coverage from several news outlets including ABC News and Forbes, and Ripcord is widely acknowledged as the premier adventure travel insurer.

Ripcord Rescue Travel Insurance Customer Assistance Services

Ripcord Rescue Travel Insurance partners with Redpoint Resolutions to provide its rescue and evacuation operations and 24/7 travel assistance and support.

The Redpoint team is made up of special operations veterans, intelligence analysts, security experts, physicians affiliated with Stanford, and nurses and paramedics with trauma expertise. In the event of a security or medical evacuation, it is Redpoint that dispatches the appropriate personnel.

Ripcord Rescue Travel Insurance Financial Stability

The financial stability of an insurance company indicates the company’s ability to pay its claims. Credit rating organizations provide an objective rating of the strength of insurance companies. Each agency has its own unique rating scales and standards.

Ripcord Rescue Travel Insurance is underwritten by State National Insurance Company, located in Bedford, Texas. Established in 1973, State National has received an A rating from A.M. Best, indicating it has an excellent ability to meet its insurance obligations. This rating is comparable to its leading competitors.

Ripcord Rescue Travel Insurance Phone Number & Contact Information

Homepage URL:

Provider Phone: (415) 481-0600

Headquarters Address: 1875 South Grant Street, Suite 960, San Mateo, CA 94402

Email: [email protected]

Year Founded: 2011


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