Progressive travel insurance services are provided by InsureMyTrip, which is an online travel insurance marketplace.

Using InsureMyTrip, customers can access quotes and plan information from hundreds of travel insurance providers across the United States and around the world.

The website provides tools for customers to compare several plans side by side and includes an online quote calculator with detailed information about the coverage and benefit limits included with each plan it lists.

Progressive travel insurance guarantees the best plans and rates and provides its customers with a full money-back promise in the event that they’re unhappy with the travel insurance they purchase with InsureMyTrip.

Progressive has been a major player in the insurance industry since 1937.

The company started out as a low-risk auto insurance provider that offered drive-in claims and has since expanded to offer a wide variety of insurance products including auto, home, life, and renter’s insurance.

The company also offers an array of financial services including:

  • auto financing
  • home financing
  • business loans
  • car shopping services
  • identity theft protection

It began working alongside InsureMyTrip in 1995 to offer its members access to comprehensive travel insurance policies from a variety of top insurance providers around the world.

In the Progressive travel insurance review that follows, consumers can learn how Progressive works with InsureMyTrip to offer a wide array of trip insurance options at competitive rates.

This review is meant to provide consumers with an unbiased view of how Progressive serves its customers and how the company compares to other major travel insurance providers.

Progressive Travel Insurance Coverage & Plans

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When choosing an insurance plan, it’s important to make sure that it has ample coverage that’s suited to your vacation and those traveling under the insurance policy.

Domestic travelers may require different coverage types and benefit limits than those who are traveling internationally, just as a business traveler won’t have the same needs as someone who is backpacking across Europe.

For example, when purchasing a plan for a domestic vacation, it’s unlikely that you’ll need coverage for non-medical emergency evacuation, which is a policy that’s typically required for those who are traveling to third world countries or places that frequently experience extreme weather conditions.

Domestic travelers that carry health insurance don’t need to purchase a policy with comprehensive medical coverage either, as they’re usually covered by traditional health insurance while traveling within the country.

On the other hand, those embarking on a backpacking trip overseas may want to invest in a travel insurance policy that provides coverage for adventure activities such as extreme sports, and those traveling specifically to golf may want to consider looking into a travel insurance package that includes golf coverage, which provides reimbursement for canceled tee times.

Travel insurance plans sometimes vary drastically between providers. While there are plans that strictly cover trip cancellation, others are incredibly comprehensive and cover everything from minor trip delays to rental cars, sports, and doctor consultations.

Progressive travel insurance, in partnership with InsureMyTrip, provides its customers with access to a complete online marketplace that offers access to a wide range of insurance options. The coverage and plans that can be purchased through Progressive are seemingly limitless.

Just some of the types of coverage that can be purchased from Progressive include the following:

Emergency Evacuation and Transportation (Medical and Non-Medical)

  • Emergency evacuation coverage provides travelers with reimbursement for travel and other evacuation expenses in the event of a medical, political, or environmental emergency. Medical evacuation benefits also cover expenses that are incurred during transport to a hospital in the event of an emergency. While some policies only provide evacuation coverage for medical emergencies, others cover a variety of reasons including terrorism or natural disasters. Emergency evacuation coverage typically also reimburses policyholders for repatriation of remains where necessary.

Medical Coverage

  • Travelers who get sick or injured on vacation run the risk of incurring thousands of dollars in medical expenses. In most cases, medical benefits provide coverage for treatment expenses including hospital bills and prescription medications while on vacation.

Trip Cancellation and Interruption Coverage

  • Depending on the plan, trip cancellation insurance can provide up to 100 percent reimbursement in the event a vacation is canceled by the traveler or the tour operator. In some cases, a trip that’s interrupted unexpectedly is eligible for coverage that equals up to 150 percent of the total trip cost.

Baggage Loss, Delay, or Damage Coverage

  • In the event that luggage is lost, stolen, or simply left behind, a baggage loss or baggage delay policy helps travelers purchase necessities while waiting for their hotel or airline to recover their belongings. If luggage is lost entirely, some plans provide as much as several thousand dollars in reimbursement.

Progressive Travel Insurance Costs

When budgeting for a vacation, it’s important to consider the cost of travel insurance. While this amount usually ranges from 4 to 8 percent of your total vacation cost, there are many factors that can influence the price of trip insurance. These factors include the age of the policyholder, other family members insured on the policy, the date and length of the trip, and the destination.

Customers looking for the best deal on travel insurance should first consider who they’re insuring on their policy. If they’re looking to insure multiple family members under the same plan, it’s best to search for a policy that offers reduced rates when insuring more than one individual. Some companies may also offer discounted rates to seniors or veterans or those with loyalty rewards memberships.

Customer Reviews & Reputation

Since InsureMyTrip is responsible for selling and administering plans on behalf of Progressive travel insurance, it’s important to consider the reputation of InsureMyTrip as well ratings and reviews of the company that have been provided by current and former customers.

InsureMyTrip is accredited by the BBB and has a rating of “A+.” This score is based on the company’s transparency in advertising, customer experience, and responsiveness to customer inquiries and complaints. The BBB hasn’t received any complaints against InsureMyTrip, which puts the company far ahead of many of its competitors throughout the travel insurance industry when it comes to customer reviews and reputation.

Progressive itself has an “A-” rating from the BBB. Although its complaint number is high, with over 2,000 complaints filed against it within the past three years, the complaint level is average for a company of its size. It’s also important to consider that the majority of the complaints filed against Progressive are in regards to its other insurance offerings such as auto, life, and home.

On Trustpilot, InsureMyTrip has a TrustScore of 7.9. TrustScores are based on ratings, reviews, and experiences of real customers. The company’s reviews on Trustpilot are mainly positive and most recently, customers have commented positively on InsureMyTrip’s booking process as well as the ease of understanding and transparency it offers to customers while choosing an insurance provider and plan.

Progressive has a much lower TrustScore on Trustpilot. At only 4 out of 10, the company’s rating is considerably worse than its partner, InsureMyTrip; however, this rating is again taking into account reviews and ratings of all of Progressive’s insurance services and not just travel insurance alone.

Customer Assistance Services

Progressive travel insurance provides customers with access to travel insurance from a vast selection of insurance providers. Customers can obtain a quote by entering a few minor details about their vacation and compare rates and coverage offered by most major travel insurance providers.

As mentioned previously, Progressive works with InsureMyTrip to provide customers with access to a full online travel insurance marketplace. Customers can shop and compare plans on, and once they’ve chosen a plan and provider they’d like to buy from, the policy can be purchased and managed via InsureMyTrip’s online customer portal.

InsureMyTrip provides dispute resolution services to policyholders via The Anytime Advocates program. This program is available to all travelers who purchase a policy from InsureMyTrip and it includes review and mediation services in the event of a claim’s denial when a policyholder chooses to file an appeal.

Progressive Travel Insurance Financial Stability

Choosing a travel insurance provider is no easy feat. Finding the right provider that offers the right plan and coverage amounts involves a hefty amount of research that includes looking into coverage, rates, customer service, and company reputation.

On top of finding a provider that offers ample coverage and has a good reputation among current and former customers, it’s important to look into a company’s financial stability as well. Financial information about insurance companies can be obtained from independent credit rating agencies such as Moody’s, Standard & Poor’s, or A.M. Best.

Consumers who choose to purchase travel insurance from a company that doesn’t have a strong financial profile run the risk of making claims that their insurance provider is unable to reimburse. This is particularly true when claims are processed at a high volume, which is typical after large-scale events such as political warfare or natural disasters.

By conducting due diligence and obtaining credit ratings prior to purchasing an insurance policy, travelers can complete their purchase and enjoy their vacation knowing the insurance provider they’ve chosen will be able to honor their policy and pay out claim reimbursements within a reasonable time frame.

When purchasing travel insurance in an online marketplace such as Progressive or InsureMyTrip, consumers should search for information regarding which company provides underwriting services for the provider they’re considering and look into that company’s financial profile.

The underwriter is responsible for financially backing insurance policies and providing policyholders with reimbursements when claims have been filed; therefore, it’s important that the underwriter has a good credit rating and a positive financial outlook.

Progressive Travel Insurance Phone Number & Contacts

  • Homepage URL:
  • Provider Phone: 1 (855) 347-3939
  • Headquarters Address: 6300 Wilson Mills Rd. Mayfield Village, Ohio 44143
  • Year Founded: 1937

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